Our Story – Livestock Water

Pine Ranch Products is a company founded for ranchers, by ranchers. Promoting livestock health is our number one priority. We have respectably become a leader in agricultural products as well as passive solar technology for livestock waterers. We have virtually eliminated the need to “break the ice” with our BT SunTanks. They provide fresh algae free drinking water through patented technology that allows you to focus on a number of other tasks knowing your livestock water is fresh.

One of the greatest benefits to livestock, is providing clean algae free water in temperatures -50°F (with windchill factor). This allows your livestock to not only be healthier, but also care better for their young.

Water tanks or water troughs are a must, but they often pose the biggest headache for most farmers and cattlemen. Keeping a tank full, fresh, and clean is often one of the hardest aspects of raising livestock. Our water troughs are specifically designed to auto-fill water to the correct level, so your livestock always has fresh water. Having clean, fresh, readily available water is vital in raising healthy animals.

Please read this article on promoting clean palatable drinking water for your livestock: READ ARTICLE

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