BT Suntank

Sick and tired of Frozen Horse Waterers? Our SunTank is the answer to your frustrations

Freeze Free!
Algae Free!
No electricity needed!
Can be used off-grid in any location!

Auto-fill units can be manually filled with water from the top, until direct water line is attached.

BT Sun Tanks are very durable and will last you a lifetime, in addition you will have no more worries of how your livestock will get their water.

Interested in seeing our products in action? Watch here

Please read this article explaining the health benefits of clean water for livestock. Read here

SunTank – Proudly Made in The USA!

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Durable Plastic

BT SunTanks are made from the highest quality agricultural strength polyethylene plastic. Withstanding over 20+ years of use.

Lexan Polycarbonate

Shatter proof, extremely durable. Livestock tested.

Insulated Float

Our insulated floats are high quality, easy for livestock to use, keeping the cold weather out in the winter, and algae out in the summer.


Your BT SunTank can be equipped with Auto-Fill. Always providing fresh, clean water for your livestock. Auto-Fill tanks can also be Manually filled.

Revolutionary Design

Your BT SunTank float system is out of the elements, unlike other designs. The design allows livestock to water from 360 degrees.

SunTanks are solar powered heated water troughs designed to withstand extreme weather conditions as a result SunTanks are freeze free and algae free.

Fresh Livestock Water

Cattleman’s answer for livestock watering

We believe in versatility, which means your BT SunTank isn’t just for horses. Your BT SunTank can provide freeze proof, algae proof water to any of your livestock.

Handmade Quality

BT Spray It All Trailer

The BT All Purpose Spray It All Trailer was specifically designed with Ranchers, City Maintenance, Commercial Pest Control and just about any Sprayer Trailer application you may need in mind. This has been a very popular unit for Cities nationwide turning a multi-person job into an easy 1 person Job, therefore reducing labor cost.

Drivers/Operators are protected from pesticide overspray (drift) by being the only Sprayer on the market with a remote control pump as well as fully customizable sprayer booms which meets the EPA’s Agricultural worker protection standard.

Enter Into A World Of Easy Livestock Watering & Feeding

See our Products in Action!

Horse Drinking – SunTank 0:34

Watch how easy it is for your livestock to use our BT SunTank!

Side by Side Comparison 2:19

Side by Side Comparison of our BT SunTank vs Regular Water Trough

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